Limited Edition Designs are:

Sea Lady (with hair swept by the Sea, this peaceful mermaid reaches upward to the waves above)

The Gargoyle (fiercely human, wolf and bat, the stone like guardian sits atop a gothic pillar)

Wizard III (gesturing with upraised Austrian crystal in hand, and a dragon over his shoulder, the Wizard in his robes casts his spell)

Warrior II (a visionary warrior of grace and strength with a helm of a wolf and staff carved with the same emblem. He raises a lighted torch of knowledge. He is a fine companion design with the Maiden II.)

Maiden II (a visionary woman with a ram horns helm and a panther at her side. She holds aloft a torch of knowledge. A fine companion piece for the Warrior II.)

Pegasus III ( Large beating wings lift this magnificent Andalusian style steed from a rocky base.)

Female Angel II (Holding flowers close to her heart, this lovely angel with upraised wings rises with an upstretched, banner clad arm)

Male Angel II (with undistracted determination this angel of truth strides forward carrying his sword. A hard muscled symbol of strength with long flowing wings)

The Elf (Playing the flute as he dances this character is a fine companion piece with the Fairy II)

Fairy II (With wind tossed curls and dragonfly wings, this woodland Fairy garbed in leaves blows a delicate kiss. Truly beautiful. A fine companion piece with The Elf)

Unicorn II (A woolly warm unicorn from the Northlands, this creature has holly wrapped around his neck and at his hooves, as he rears lightly from the turf below)

Griffin II (with the head and wings of an eagle and body of a lion this fierce guardian is leaping up, turning to face an unseen adversary)

Dragon VIII ( with only a few numbers left in this edition, this Dragon is long and sleek, coming in for a landing, with one forefoot touching the flora below. His upstretched wings are long and slender.)

Dragon IX (A western Dragon of fierce countenance, large upraised wings and armor plated body leaps skyward. A few of the edition are still available)

Dragon X (The latest Dragon, with the most spectacular, wild wings of all the dragon series. This character is serpentine, rising from the ground, tail wrapped around oak leaves, with an Austrian lead crystal in its fangs.)

Brighid ( An older Celtic Goddess, astride with walking stick, woolly sweater, and rune marked cape, with a befriended owl perched on her gauntlet)

The Jester (Gleeful, ready to bow for a magnificent performance, holding a jesters wand of merriment in one hand, and with an upraised hand holding juggling balls. His jesters three pointed hat, lute and diamond marked tunic are dynamic and delightful)

Other special editions that are not numbered or limited are:

The King and The Queen ( a promenading couple gently holding hands as they step forward together. An exquisite toasting pair. Ask about matching cake topper)

Neptune and The SeaQueen (a delightful toasting pair featuring the king of the sea-Neptune rising out of the waves in a dance with his mate the Sea Queen. Their hands touch in their dance, and tails entwine to form a heart. Ask about matching cake topper)

The Flowers Iris, Rose and Pansy (delicate and graceful goblets, embellish a table setting in beauty. Collect several types of flowers, or have your setting with one flower as your theme)

Let us know if you would like more information about these designs, or others that are upcoming.

Our Designs are signed. The vessel is spun in Certified American Pewter, an alloy of Tin, Antimony and Copper. The sculptured stem is cast in a Custom alloy of Tin, Antimony and Silver. Stems can be 23 Karat Gold Plated.

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