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Scottish Sealing Wax and Wax Stampers
To create very personal correspondence, our Wax stampers are stylish portrayals of: the Unicorn, the Dragon, the Scottish Thistle, the Rose, the Celtic Infinity Knot, and the Fleur de lis. To create a wax seal on an envelope or document, use one of the sticks of Scottish sealing wax that we can supply and light the wax as you would a candle. Drip a bit onto the paper you intend to seal. Lightly moisten the stamper end and press it into the hot wax, holding it there for about 5 seconds. The result is a beautiful and personalized wax seal. Tassels are also available to further enhance your seal design. Call for more info. Wax stampers are $8.50 each and Wax is available in many colors and metallic hues for $5.50 per stick. Keep several on hand for special occasions and letters to friends and loved ones. They also make a fine gift.

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