PO Box 62665
Colorado Springs, CO 80962 
Phone orders or inquiries: (719) 495-4535 9am-5pm Mountain time zone Mon-Fri
           Toll free: 1-877-833-3829 via email: kdopita@msn.com   
Please allow 6-8 weeks minimum for delivery. For special deadlines call for special arrangements.
Prices and availability subject to change. 
Orders are shipped FedEx ground in most cases. We also use UPS and US Mail.                                                             
Let us know if you have other needs.
For item that can be shipped in padded envelope add $2.50
For amount up to $25 of merchandise ordered, add	 $7.50

For amounts from $26-50 add $10.00

For amounts from $51-175 add $13.00

For amounts from $176-275 add $17.00

For amounts from $276-800 add $25.00

PRINT NAME______________________________

SHIPPING ADDRESS_______________________________________________________

Daytime Phone__________________Evening Phone_________________________

For purchase by credit card (Master Card, Visa, Discover or American Express)

CARD NUMBER______________________________

Expiration Date_______________

(For Discover card orders, please note the 3 digit customer ID number from the back panel of your card)_________

Name as it appears on Card_____________________Signature_______________________

ITEM DESCRIPTION (gold or regular finish, name of Design) QUANTITY STYLE (top: smooth/ hammered/ glass ) PRICE




Price of all items ordered $__________

(Collector's Discount: If you are ordering more than one vessel

that is a 9 -32 oz size you get $5 off each vessel!) $<________>

TX, CO, MI, MN, AZ, MD, KS residents add your state sales tax $__________
Shipping and Handling Charges from Index $__________
(Any COD orders must be paid by certified funds only, add $7.50) $__________
ORDER TOTAL $__________
Thank you for your order.

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