The largest set is The Arthurian Chess Set that portrays King Arthurís Legend. One side is 23 karat gold plated, with the regular finish on the opposing side. This set is priced at $625.00. Individual pieces can be purchased for $28 for regular finish characters and $38 each for gold plated characters.

The Robin Hood Chess Set offers the most individual sculptures in a set with Robin and the Merry men of Sherwood Vs the reign of Prince John and characters of Nottingham Castle. Individual characters are $18.00 each for regular finish and $26.00 each in the 23 karat gold plated finish.
This set has two finish options available.
The set with all pieces in the regular finish is $320.00
With one side 23 karat gold plated and the other the regular finish the cost of the set is $390.00. Choose to plate Nottingham, or the Sherwood side.

The Fantasy Realm Chess Set  pictured on the previous page has one side in the regular finish and one side with the 23 karat gold plated finish and is embellished with Austrian lead crystal. 

In this set the characters are the following prices individually:

Regular finish: King, Queen, Bishop (wizard), and Knight (dragon) are each $20. Each Rook (castle) is $26  and all pawns, Fairies or Elves, 4 of each on this side....are $16 each

In the gold plated finish the characters are: King, Queen, Bishop (wizard), and Knight (dragon) and are $28 each. Each Rook in gold plated finish is $34 and each pawn, Fairies or Elves, 4 of each on this side are $22.

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